Catering Guidelines & FAQs

Spanish Tortillas - Tapas Catering Guidelines, Bay Area, 94612empanadas - destapas catering guidelines, Oakland, CACATERING GUIDELINES & FAQs - ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS  


We have put together the most frequently asked questions to give you a general overview of our catering services. Please call us at (510) 566-6661 or fill out our Event Catering Contact Form if you need more information or have other questions. We'll be happy to tell you more!



    Our event catering highlights authentic Spanish cuisine and culture with fascinating paellas cooked right on-site by Spanish chefs and tasty tapas to explore.Destapas is much more than just a private chef service. It's like a private tour of Spain!


    Cooking events lasts up to 4 hours; usually 1.5 hours for tapas and cooking, 1 hour of paella service, and 45 minutes for dessert. For quick business meetings or luncheons we can provide delivery service of amazing food already cooked and ready to serve.

  • Is there a minimum order?

    The minimum order for on-site event catering is $1500, usually with a minimum guest count of 30. Complete menus start around $50/person. We will work with you to craft the perfect menu for your occasion to make your event exciting and unique.


    The history of Spanish appetizers is rich and exotic. The concept is simple – a hearty selection of flavorful small bites made with passion and shared with friends. A tookpick or fork are all you need. Browse our Menus and learn  How to Order Tapas 

  • Can I just get local delivery?

    Yes! We'll do even more! We’ll help you create a personalized menu to impress your guests and deliver it hot, hearty and on time and set it up for you! Many of our corporate customers enjoy having DESTAPAS food delivered this way.

  • How much notice do you need?

    We ask for more than 14 day advance notice to arrange the details of your event. We will work closely with you during this time. We may still be able to fulfill your catering needs on shorter notice depending on the complexity of the event. Just call us!

  • Are there Veggie or GF tapas?

    Yes, we can serve your guests both gluten free and vegetarian tapas. A DESTAPAS representatives will work closely with you to create a menu that reflects your needs and style. You can even arrange a tasting of the food prior to your event!

  • Can we sample the tapas first?

    Yes! We can provide advanced tastings of tapas for up to 3 people. Tastings include fresh sangria and dessert. Tastings are $100 at your location, and at your convenience. We can put a courtesy hold on your event date for up to two weeks while this is arranged.

  • When do I give a final guest count?

    Your final guest count is due fourteen days prior to your event. Within those fourteen days we can accommodate reasonable increases, but no reduction in attendance number. If your lead time is shorter, the final count is locked in at the time of the booking.

  • Are cooking events casual?

    We serve buffet style in a casual, tasteful manner, and set tables with colorful Spanish ceramics with an earthy decor. Compostable, heavy serveware, cocktail napkins and recyclable cups are standard. Formal set up options are available upon request.

  • Do you provide bar service?

    No, we do not provide liquor service at events. We can provide complimentary hand-crafted nonalcoholic sangria for your guests to enjoy. You can provide alcohol or we can recommend bar services. Destapas is not responsible for anything related to alcohol consumption at our events.

  • What is the cost for delivery?

    The transport fee for on-site cooking events is $3/mile (round trip from Destapas’s kitchen in Oakland to the event). A fee of $5/mile is charged for holidays, rush hours, or high traffic expectations during event hours. For delivery only service, transport fee is $1.50/mile.

  • Does DESTAPAS also clean up?

    Destapas will promptly clean up the event cooking and serving areas. For events requiring deeper cleaning such as wedding and corpoarate venues, please contact us for optional services.

  • What kind of events do you cater?

    Destapas caters all kinds of cooking events: social and corporate events, business luncheons, weddings, graduations, neighborhood gatherings, dinner parties, employee picnics, and more. All events are unique with different budgets, styles and requirements.




Spanish tapas are always a delightful surprise to your taste buds. They work perfect as appetizers or together as meals for all kinds of event catering, casual to formal. Easy to eat and satisfying, tapas are the living legacy of Spain's ongoing love affair with "finger food". Let us tell you how to order these delightful, enticing bites.

Baguettes, how to order tapas catering SF bay, CAEach individual tapa yields about two hearty bites. If you order three types of tapas, your guests will only enjoy about six bites of food each. For a cocktail event or a light dinner, ordering five to seven different tapas selections is always better and gives your guests more choices to explore.

The goal is for guests to socialize and enjoy an enticing, continuous flow of flavors while never getting too full. Ordering eight - ten different tapas selections is typical for an evening event and would be a hearty, satisfying amount. For each tapas selection, you need to order at least enough to serve half of your guests, and a minimum of 20 pieces.

Seafood Paella - tapas catering SF bay, CAPaellas are also considered a tapas even though they can be a hearty main course as well. Each guest enjoys 1 or 2 small servings when paellas are served as tapas. When ordering paella as part of your menu follow this rule: 1 serving of paella equals about 3 regular servings of tapas.

A combination of cold and warm tapas creates a nice balance of variety for your guests. Cold tapas are usually served first to entertain early arriving guests while the warm tapas are being cooked on-site. Then both are served at tapa stations, passed around by our staff, or both. We will help you decide what tapas work best for your occasion and tastes. Fill out our event Contact Form or call us at (510) 566-6661. Your taste buds will thank you!