Spanish Food Caterers

Why Choose Us

We select local and imported high quality produce to ensure the freshness and rich taste of each dish. Our Spanish food dishes are hand-crafted from scratch using only the finest selections.
Experience the sights, the aromas, and the Spirit of Spain with chefs who cook amazing dishes right at your location. You will be surrounded with a casual, tasteful atmosphere that will delight all your senses with unique flavors, culture and cuisine.
Every event gets personalized, friendly, knowledgeable attention. From your first call to your last bite, we are at your service and dedicated to quickly responding to your needs and desires. We strive to give you more than you expect at every point of your event.

Amazing Spanish Food & Service

Our Vision - Cultural Cuisine Catering

Spanish Paella - spanish food event caterers, Oakland, CAOur vision is that our Spanish food services go far beyond ordinary event catering and bring each client an extraordinary culinary and cultural experience.

We call it cultural cuisine catering - an exciting, easy, intimate way to experience a culture through its' food. - No Passport Needed!

We are passionate about the delivery of great Spanish food in a great atmosphere to great people. This is the heart and soul of the Spanish custom of tapas which has thrived for centuries.

Today, the art of tapas pleases people all over the world - one bite at a time.

Our passion is cooking traditional, authentic Spanish foods in a way that blends culinary excellence with the comfort and satisfaction of home style cooking and the spirit of the Spain's rich culinary culture.


Sangria Coolers - Destapas Spanish Food Caterers, Oakland, CAAuthentic Spanish Food

With our deep roots in the traditions of Spain, we always select the highest quality of Spanish food to use in our recipes. Your taste buds will appreciate the difference that authentic food, authentic recipes and authentic passion make in your dining experience.

Many of our recipes have been personally passed down through generations in our chef's families. They are not only authentic, they convey the pleasures of home style cooking and bring them into the arena of private and corporate event catering.

The flavors and techniques are as unique as the culture itself.

We invite you and your guests to be part of our interactive culinary experiences. You can have delicious Spanish food cooked on-site or delivered and set up for your occasion.

We hope you will share our passion for the art of tapas and enjoy this opportunity for a  fun, unique and satisfying experience.


Meet Some of Our Team

  • Chef Raul

    Born and raised in Madrid, Spain, Head Chef Raul has enjoyed Spanish cuisine at its best.

    Coming from a family that already was intimately devoted to fine cuisine, Raul was exposed to the art of cooking at a very young age. His mother is an exceptional chef who has published five recipe books so far. Each is full of the tasty traditions of tapas that have been passed down through generations.

    Inspired by her, and by his culture, Raul possesses an unending passion for authentic Spanish food and the opportunity to bring great food and a great atmosphere to great people. At every event, his passion for exceptional food and service is unmistakably authentic. Chef Raul is the heart of Destapas.


  • Angela Aguilera

    Destapas's floral designer, Angela Aguilera, uses her extraordinary floral skills to create beautiful arrangements that are displayed at some of our larger catering events. Angela and her team add the fabulous finishing touches that bring the spirit of Spain into every occasion. Her passion for 'all things beautiful' makes her a cherished asset to the Destapas team. Angela loves every opportunity to surround herself with the colors, fragrances, and textures of the floral world. In her arrangements, you see the joy of her passion. From table decor to menu signs, Angela makes sure that each event delivers the unique ambiance of a casual, exquistely tasteful, Spanish celebration.

  • Chef Mario

    Mario Aguirre is the chef we all depend on to always keep things moving smoothly and on time. He has been intimately involved in catering for seven years now and he  knows everything there is to know about getting things done, and done right. Chef Mario treasures the opportunity to extend his cultural knowledge. He shares the history of the food and Spanish customs of his country with the many interested guests who gather around to watch him prepare enticing paellas and tapas. When you see him moving around an event, you know that the timing of everything will be perfect. Watching him whip up a colorful, beautiful paella is like watching an artist create a portrait with paints. Chef Mario, que bueno!